“HowNet apologizes to Professor Zhao Dexin and his wife”

On May 13, the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a notice saying that recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation has filed an investigation into CNKI’s suspected monopolistic behavior according to the previous inspection. Subsequently, CNKI issued an announcement in response to the investigation, saying that it would fully cooperate, conduct in-depth self-examination, and conduct thorough rectification. According to the China Science News, I learned from Professor Zhao Dexin that CNKI came to apologize on the afternoon of the 12th, expressing his willingness to re-list his and his wife Zhou Xiuluan’s thesis works. Subsequently, related topics appeared on Weibo hot search. Some netizens said: “How to lose money first, don’t do these superficial work!” “What about other authors who have been infringed? Would you like to come to the door and apologize.” Zhao Dexin revealed that after their husband and wife sued CNKI for infringement, the latter not only removed their works involved in the case, but also all works that were not involved in the lawsuit. He took the initiative to ask CNKI to restore these works, but the other party kept ignoring them. It wasn’t until the wife won the case that they got their response in recent days. “They want us to issue a power of attorney for the works to be put on the shelves first. But according to the lawyer’s suggestion, we will think carefully and have enough sincerity on both sides.
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