how to watch youtube on apple watch

Wear an Apple Watch and love YouTube? Then we can recommend the WatchTube app, which has been available as a free download on the App Store for a few days now. It can not only be downloaded for free, but also used without a subscription, getting unlimited access to video hosting from Google.

With search, likes and subtitles

WatchTube can play any YouTube video, but requires a pair of connected Bluetooth headphones to play audio. However, even without AirPods connected, the app will play the videos you select.

Initially, WatchTube opens the main page of recommended clips, but also allows you to freely search all sections of the video hosting using voice or handwriting.

You can then play the search results both on your home network and (depending on the Apple Watch model) over the mobile network, pause and select all available subtitles. If you really want to, you can also display multiple YouTube comments for each video. The Digital Crown on the smart watch will take care of rewinding the running video.

Accounts and history

Played videos are saved in history and can be replayed at any time. In addition to the start page, search, and history, WatchTube offers several settings on the fourth screen of the application that allow you to select the home page and change the size of the subtitles. You can also clear your browsing history there.

When you first log into the app, you are greeted with a list of the most popular videos on YouTube. This is your tape. As you interact with the video, the app will tailor its content accordingly. Everything you interact with is stored on your device for privacy purposes. All curated and generated content displayed on your feed is created offline on your watch using our algorithm, which learns from what you watch, what you like and who you follow. This feed can be scrolled down indefinitely as you find more content to watch.

WatchTube can only be run on Apple Watch, the app does not have an iPhone companion. It also does not offer a login to a personal account.


‎WatchTube is a YouTube app for the Apple Watch that lets you browse content right from your wrist We offer many features alongside this experience, including:• Finding your favorite content creators• Play videos from YouTube • Subscribing to channels• Suggested videos• History• Liked videos…

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