How to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks in 2020 [Guide]

How to use cheat engine on bluestacks

Cheat Engine is a very definite software that most of the people have been using for so many years now. It is mainly used to cheat on computer games, mainly offline games and it is the go-to software if you want to hack any game for free. Cheat Engine can also be used to cheat on Android games like Clash of Clans or Subway Surfers and games like these. Most people know how to play an Android game on PC using Bluestacks but don’t know exactly how to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at the basics of the Cheat Engine and see how you can use the Cheat Engine on Bluestacks to hack any Android game that you like. But first, let’s learn about how does the Cheat Engine work.

How does Cheat Engine work?

Cheat Engine is nothing but a simple memory scanner. It can scan your RAM/Physical memory and can locate where certain files are stored. With the help of the Cheat Engine, you can access those memory locations and make changes to the value stored there. These changes will reflect inside the application/game associated with that location. This principle can be used to cheat in certain aspects of a game like increasing points/money/keys/coins or whatever.

For eg: Let us say you are playing a game X and that game has a concept of ‘coins’ that you have to collect. Now suppose, at the moment you have Y amount of coins in the game. The amount Y is obviously stored somewhere on the RAM. By using the Cheat Engine, you will first need to find where this amount is stored, access it and then change that value to whatever you like. this will instantly reflect in the game. You can do this multiple times and there is no limit on what values you can put.

How to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks

Now let’s hack an Android game on Bluestacks. For the sake of this tutorial, we are going to hack a popular game ‘Subway Surfers’ and increase the number of coins that we have inside the game.

Also, we are going to assume these following things to be true in your case.

  • You have Bluestacks 4 installed on your computer
  • You have your Android game installed inside the Bluestacks
  • Cheat Engine is already installed and from here
  • Your Antivirus software is temporarily disabled

1. Configure the Cheat Engine

Open the Cheat Engine to configure it first. We don’t have to make any changes and let all be set to default except the one that is shown below. You just need to change this.

Click on Edit and select ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Extra’ and make sure that the ‘Read/Write process memory’ option is checked and then click ‘OK’. Basically, you are granting Cheat Engine permission to access and edit memory adresses on your system.

How to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks

How to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks

Click on that computer icon in the corner. In the ‘Processes’ tab, select the ‘Physical Memory’ option and click Open.

bluestacks cheat engine 2020

2. Open Bluestacks and play the game at least one time

Open Bluestacks. Run the game and play one or two rounds. And after that pause the game.

As you can see we have around 24 coins. We are going to increase that. Now we have to find where the value 24 is located on the physical memory so that we can edit that value.

How to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks

3. Search for the Memory location(s)

Iteration 1

Open Cheat Engine. Put ’24’ in the ‘Value’ field and then click on ‘First Scan’. The first scanning process will take some time.

how to hack games on bluestacks with cheat engine

It turns out that a lot of memory locations have the value ’24’ stored inside them. We will need to refine it to find the desired memory location.

Iteration 2

Now again open the game and play one more round such that the value of the coins is changed.

Now put that value i.e 33 in the ‘Value’ field and click on ‘Next Scan’. Again we can see that there are so many locations. We need to scan again.

Iteration 3

Again open the game and play it. Make sure the value of the coins is changed. Put the new value and select ‘Next Scan’

Final iteration

Repeat this process until you are sure that these are the memory locations that we are looking for. You can deduct that by observing the number of memory locations found after every iteration. If that remained unchanged after an iteration then you can say that we have found them.

4. Change the value

In my case, there are 5 memory locations where the value of the coins is stored. Sometimes it can be just 1 or multiple addresses. Now we need to edit all of these to complete the hack.

Select all the memory locations and right-click on them. Select ‘Change value of selected addresses’.

how to use cheat engine on bluestacks 2020

Put any value you’d like and click ‘OK’.

how to hack bluestacks online games


How to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks

However, if the changes are not visible immediately after pressing OK then play another round and you will see. You can do this with any other offline game that you wish. For me, it took over 5 iterations to find the required memory locations but it can take more or less for you.

Important: If you are facing some stability issues with your Bluestacks then I highly recommend you to follow this guide to get help. If you still have some queries then comment below, we read all the comments.


Is Cheat Engine illegal?

No, definitely not. However, when you are cheating you are possibly violating the terms of use and that can get you permanently banned from the game.

Not to say, this will only happen if you get caught. This also depends upon the game that you are playing. If that game has its anti-cheat measures in line then it will be game over for you. Almost 99% of the time this will not be the case if we are talking about an old game. And also cheating might not be illegal but it sure is unethical.

Can Cheat Engine hack online games?

Not Most of the time. All the online games perform their data storage and calculations on the server-side of the application. But in some cases, you can still find a way to send modified data to the server.

You still won’t be able to do this on modern AAA/Battle Royale games that have a reliable cheat detection system implemented inside the game.

Is Cheat Engine a virus?

No, Cheat Engine is not a virus. Technically, it does the same work as a virus i.e, scanning/altering memory addresses. But it does this only when the user wants it to do it.

Because of this behavior, it can often be picked up by various antiviruses or windows defender and flag it as a virus.

What are some other Cheat Engine alternatives?

Cheat Engine is the most popular software but its not the only one in its category. There are other softwares that are even better and provide more flexibility than Cheat Engine in some cases. Some of the examples are ArtMoney, GameConqueror, GameGuardian, Squalr.

One more thing, if you liked our this guide on how to use Cheat Engine on Bluestacks then we are sure you’ll love the videos that we publish on Youtube. Have a look.


  1. I can do the first scan, but the next scan will not work. what is issue? I am following what you have listed for my game farmville 2, but it is not doing the next scan and I do not now why.

  2. there are some cheat protection games there are heavily protected by like even any sofware cannot hack it but there are still they don’t know is how to speed hack 😀
    top 5 android/ios games they are have easy anti cheat over phone apps
    number 1 breakneck
    breakneck is the only game that have entire game is leggit strugling and infinity from pikpok maked game its serves number codes(hex digit coding etc. minecraft) that is not avaliable to even hack throw
    i tested it its not worked at all and have skin powers and some tournaments its hard to be the first
    number 2
    farmville 2 / other farming games asspcially hacking farm games is the only thing to be like a god or something but not! there are have hex codes random numbers translating to the coing gems ass well
    number 3
    its a pc game but none ever know steam games its called bleck squad if you hack it easy anti cheat will configure kill comand of the game and does not allowes you to change via user or admin just only trusted installer and anti cheat program should edit other wise bans you for permanent multiplayer hacking
    number 4 i can’t write it anymore…..

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