How to turn on the timer on iPhone

To set a timer on the iPhone, it is not necessary to launch the application at all Watch. There are at least two other quick ways to start a timer. In this article, we will talk about them.

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How to set a timer on iPhone in the Clock app

1. Open the app Watch (not to be confused with the Watch app).

2. Go to the tab Timer.

3. Set the desired time, after which an alarm will sound. If desired, you can select the desired sound as a signal.

4. Press the button Start to start counting down the set time.

How to set a timer on iPhone

A ring will appear on the screen, the contour of which will be removed over time. Under the remaining time of the timer, the time at which the alarm will sound will be indicated.

On the iPhone lock screen, the remaining time of the timer will be displayed under the main time.

How to set a timer on iPhone

If desired, the timer can be paused and continue counting later.

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How to set a timer on iPhone in Control Center

Starting with iOS 11, a full-fledged interactive widget with a timer appeared on the iPhone. To get to it, open Control pointand then click on the clock icon and hold your finger on it until you see this dashboard:

How to set a timer on iPhone

If the icon timer missing in the Control Center, add it according to these instructions.

This gesture is probably familiar to you if you own an iPhone 6s or later. But starting with iOS 11, it even works on devices that didn’t get 3D Touch, like the iPad, iPhone 5s, or iPhone 6.

Through the widget, you can set the following time intervals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes, as well as 1 or 2 hours. If you need a different time period, open the Clock application through the widget and set the necessary parameters in the main interface.

How to set a timer on iPhone

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How to set a timer on iPhone using Siri

Activate the Siri voice assistant in any way and say the command:

Установи таймер на <необходимое время>

Useful advice on the topic: Siri can set a timer even with seconds.

iOS remembers which timer you last used and always suggests it next time. So if you, for example, boil soft-boiled eggs for 3.5 minutes every day, then when you start the application, you will immediately go to this timer.

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