How to prevent being blackmailed by hackers?Here comes the ultimate solution: do not save important data

Hard drives are valuable, data is priceless – whether it is an individual user or a corporate user, everyone knows that the data stored on the hard drive is the most important thing. The problem is that hackers also know this, so they spread ransomware/Trojan horses everywhere. It is easy to be threatened, and important files are encrypted. For corporate users, once infected by ransomware, most of them will obediently exchange money for the key to unlock, which is also the key for hackers to succeed, especially now that there are anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies. How to prevent being blackmailed by hackers? Individual users can also choose not to give up, but corporate customers are more troublesome. What everyone often mentions is to back up more data, improve security awareness, and enhance security protection technology. However, these methods are still unable to solve the fundamental problem. If one hundred secrets are sparse, there is always the possibility of being attacked by hackers. The practice of giving money to hackers to redeem files not only encourages their illegal behavior, but also damages the corporate image. For this problem, the UK website theregister has proposed a solution, that is, don’t save any sensitive data, let your customers save the data themselves, and ask the customer for limited permissions to use the data. them .
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