How to make snowmen in Genshin Impact: Snow and Dust Shadows event

We help you overcome each of the phases of the Snow and Dust Shadows event in Genshin Impact, so that you get many rewards and make a lot of snowmen along the way.

Winter is coming, and with it the possibility of make snowmen in Genshin Impact, an event that we have within the game mode “shadows of snow and dust” that we can enjoy during the next few days, and it will also give us a multitude of rewards.

There may be some doubts about the operation of the “snow and dust shadows” mode in Genshin Impact, especially when having to find the different components of the snowman to build them.

Luckily, we are going to give you the corresponding steps so that you can get the most out of the snow and dust shadows mode, and we also tell you how to build these snowmen as quickly as possible.

How to make snowmen in Genshin Impact: Snow and Dust Shadows event

Celebration date

The Shadows of Snow and Dust mode is now live and will last until December 13, although the rewards redemption phase will be available until December 20.

Participation requirements

You must have reached Adventure Rank 20 or higher and completed the Archon quest called “For a Tearless Tomorrow.”

You must also have completed the legendary albedo quest called “Traveler’s Investigation Report” and also Joel’s quest called “Lost in the Mountain”.

You must also bear in mind that an adventure rank equal to or greater than 20 will be necessary so that you can activate the legendary albedo mission called “the traveler’s research report”.

The three phases of the game mode

We have “special training in dragonspin”, “born of the snow” and “the mysterious challenge”.

Special training in spinadragon

Thanks to this special training we will obtain a series of rewards and also different components of the snowman.

The components of the snowman are the head, hands, hat, eyes, nose and scarf.

Genshin Impact

We can use these components of the snowman to make chubby snowmen.

The idea is that we create a certain number of chubby snowmen so that we can accept the corresponding missions of “born of the snow” and thus earn rewards such as Protogemas, the Cinnabar Spindle sword, Snowman torso or Blackberries.

Born of the snow

In this phase of the challenge we can use the components of the snowman to make the chubby snowmen in the camp.

We will have already obtained the different components in the special training in Dragon Spin, or we can even exchange these components with our friends.

To make a chubby snowman, you must first make the snowman’s head, and then add the rest of the components, and obviously hit the save button.

When you have created several of these snowmen, you will receive the rewards that we have mentioned above.

Mysterious challenge

During the event, complete Act II of “Shadows Stretch” from the “Shadows of Snow and Dust” event to activate the Mystery Challenge and you’ll earn badges, hero wits, and blackberries as rewards.

All these badges can be exchanged in the store for other rewards.

For example, we are going to obtain the snowstreamer badge by completing the training in spinadragon and we can exchange it for Alkahest, a weapon’s ascension material, a hero’s ingenuity or a mystical refinement mineral.

The Secret Badge is obtained by completing the Mystery Challenge and can be exchanged for the Crown of Wisdom, the Alkahest, Talent Enhancement Material or Blackberries.

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