How to Install Curl on Ubuntu

If the installation script gives an error: bash: curl: command not found or bash: curl: command not found… This means that there is no such command in your system. The solution is simple – install curl utility. This utility for downloading files, although not as popular as wget, can provide more options, and also includes a library that can be connected to other programs.

We will take a look at how to install curl on Ubuntu 20.04. But the instructions will be relevant for newer or older versions of the distribution kit.

How to Install Curl on Ubuntu

Installing curl on Ubuntu

Let’s imagine a very real situation. You have chosen to install the application using a script .sh… To download the script, they suggest using the curl command, it may also appear in the script itself. However, by default, this utility is not installed on Ubuntu 20.04, so when you try to run the script, you will see the error curl: command not found… And if you try to run the utility itself directly, the message will look like this: bash: / usr / bin / curl: No such file or directory… To install curl, use the following commands:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install curl

Once installed, the script containing the curl command should work. In order to find out the version of the utility, run:

curl -V

How to install curl on ubuntu

This command can be important, as the program is actively developing and every time dozens of bugs are fixed and new functions are added. To download a file, use the following command:

curl -OC -

install curl on ubuntu

You can find out about other arguments and how to use them in our material.


The curl utility is widely used. It is available on all current desktop operating systems. In Ubuntu 20.04, the utility is not preinstalled, but is available in the repository and now you know how to install curl Ubuntu.

The described error most often occurs only on a recently installed distribution kit. Since the libcurl library is used by a large number of applications and will sooner or later be installed on your system along with curl.

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