How to get PogCat in Pet Simulator X

get pogcat in pet simulator x

Apparently, there is an update that adds PogWorld in Pet Simulator X. And there is also a PogCat in there which you can get. This article will show you how to get PogCat in Pet Sim X.

How to get PogCat in Pet Simulator X

how to get a pogcat in pet simulator x

To get the PogCat, all you need to do is go near this blue building, go near the entrance and type in “knock knock” and press Enter. Then there will be a PogEgg that you can hatch to get a 49% chance of getting a PogCat among other pets.

pogcat knock knock

Once you go inside the building a simple animation will prompt saying “PogChamp Completed”. After the animation completes you will see the PogEgg in front of you. You need to buy that egg first for around 11 Billion Dollars. You can either buy 1 or buy 3.

The Buy 3 option will be greyed out if you don’t have enough money. Buy the Egg and you might get a PogCat or a PogDog. That pet will automatically be added to your pet list.

To increase your chance of getting a rare pet you can use the ULTRA Lucky potion.