How to Factory Reset Xbox Series X | S & One

If your Xbox Series X | S or One (X | S) is having problems, the final step can be to try resetting it to the factory settings. Even if you want to sell the console, you should reset the Xbox so that the future buyer does not have access to your account or saved data.

The Xbox Series X | S and the different variants of the Xbox One offer two reset options. If you have a problem with the console, which may have been caused by a faulty update file, you should first use the option “Reset and keep my games & apps” try. If you want to sell or give away your console, you should have the option “Reset and remove everything” to use. This option is can also be carried out using a USB stickif the Xbox has a problem starting up and can no longer get to the home screen.

Note: When resetting the console will be ALWAYS Everyone Content, Scores, settings and connections turned off – no matter which option you choose. If you have the console offline for a long time operated, you should go online to see your scores in the cloud to buffer. You should also be sure that you have your Login data so that you can log in to your Xbox Live account again after the process.

Reset Xbox from Settings

  1. Started the console and press the Xbox-Button eures Controllers.
  2. Navigated in the Sidebar all the way to the right to yours Profile picture.
  3. Choose from “Profile and System” the point “Settings” (Gear icon).
  4. Under the menu item “System“ you choose “Console info ” the end.
  5. Here you will find the option “Reset console “, select this.
  6. in the menu “Reset console?” will you guys now 3 options present:
    • Reset and remove everything: With this option (except for the system updates) all data on the Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One (X | S) are deleted and the delivery status is restored. All user data, accounts, scores, settings and all installed games and apps are deleted.
    • Reset and keep my games & apps: This option is intended for troubleshooting purposes, resetting the operating system, and deleting any potentially damaged files. However, downloaded games and apps are retained, so you don’t have to download them again at least after resetting.
    • Abort: In order not to perform the operation.
  7. After you have chosen one of the first two options, the Xbox begins the deletion process. When this is completed, the console restarts and is presented in the delivery state.

Reset Xbox to factory settings using a USB stick

Note: This option is only recommended if you can no longer access the settings or even the home screen of the consoles due to an error. There is also with this option no choices. If you reset the console using a USB stick, forcibly all data, accounts, scores and settings have been completely deleted!

  1. For the Reset via USB stick do you need a fresh as Format NTFS USB stick with at least 4 GB free memory.
  2. Load the specially for this purpose from Microsoft provided file and unzip the folder $SystemUpdate in the Main directory of your USB stick.
  3. Turns the Xbox Series X | S or One (X | S) completely, removes all USB devices and the network cable (if plugged in) permanently for the process.
  4. Removed now too the power cord for 30 secondsto make sure the console is completely off.
  5. Put the USB-Stick with the recovery file in a USB port and closes the console back to the electricity.
  6. Hold that Controller pairing and Eject buttons while you open the console by briefly pressing the Xbox-Taste turns on.
    For consoles without a drive (Xbox One S All Digital & Xbox Series S), only the pairing button needs to be held down when switching on.
  7. Leave the other two Let go of the buttons firstif you like that hears the power-on tone the second time.
  8. The console should Start anew, however, this can take a few minutes. If you are a Image received, you have to Remove the USB stick again.
  9. The Xbox will then guide you through the rest of the way Reset process.

If the console still doesn’t display a picture, the only option left is to contact Xbox support to initiate further steps or possible repairs.