How to buy Older Games not listed on the PlayStation Store

how to buy old delisted playstation store games

A simple web browser plugin gives players access to previous versions of the PlayStation Store, allowing them to buy older games that were thought to have been discontinued.

The FireFox Valkyrie PS Store plugin uses older versions of the online store from and allows players to access games that were previously hidden from view.

Since the last major store update took place in October 2020, just before the release of the PS5, a number of games have been quietly removed from the web version of the store, including a number of games for the PS3, PSP and PS Vita.

However, it now appears that Sony has only hidden the links rather than removed them entirely, as players report that they can still successfully purchase these old games.

There is also a way to access it without a plugin – check out the below Silica manual for more information:

Earlier, PlayStation rejected its decision to close PlayStation 3 and Vita stores earlier this week in response to fan criticism.

In a statement, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan admitted that “it’s clear we made the wrong decision here,” and while the PSP store will close on July 2 this year as planned, the PlayStation 3 and Vita stores will remain online for now.