How much is my CSGO inventory worth [See this way]

how much is my csgo inventory worth

Inventory in CSGO means a place to store all in-game items like skins, graffitis and other things. Valve also allows players to sell these items from their inventory to other players for real money. But the question is exactly how much is my CSGO inventory worth. Below are the steps that you can follow to see how much your CSGO inventory is worth the real money.

How much is my CSGO inventory worth

  • Open Steam client
  • Click on your profile name and select ‘View Profile’
  • Right-click somewhere and click ‘Copy Page URL’
  • Visit ‘
  • Paste the copied URL and click on the Search icon
  • Your Inventory value along with its details will be displayed.
how much is my csgo inventory worth

How do I check how much my CSGO inventory is worth

csgo inventory value

How much is my CSGO inventory worth

Note: To see your inventory worth, you must make your Steam profiles inventory visibility to ‘Public’. If it’s not Public then the website won’t be able to fetch your details and show you.

How do I make my inventory public in CSGO? To make your profile Public visit this link and login with your Steam credentials.


Click on Steam profile name > View profile > Edit Profile > Privacy Settings > Inventory: Public

What is the most expensive CSGO inventory?

According to, the most expensive CSGO inventory in the world belongs to a guy with ‘Lukessilo’ as its Steam profile name. His Inventory is worth over 452,206 Euros which is Approximately 530,512 US dollars or 3.9 Crore INR.

By the way that is the most expensive CSGO inventory that was calculated. There is probably someone worth more than that but there is no way to know that.

What is the total value of all CSGO inventories present in the world?

So far, about 496 Million US dollars worth of inventory IS CALCULATED. The total value can be multiples of it.

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