Homemade OLED handheld AYANEO Air released, and the world’s first AMD 6800U Windows handheld

IT House reported on May 14 that AYANEO launched the long-awaited AYANEO Air handheld today, and another launch conference will be held in the future.

The machine is the first Windows handheld with an OLED screen in history. It is similar in size to the Switch Lite. It is equipped with a USB-C interface, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microSD card slot, and speaker openings on both sides. It is equipped with an X-axis linear motor, RGB rocker lights, open blind order this afternoon (4399 yuan, non-final price, more refunds and less compensation).

In addition, the official also announced the AYANEO 2 handheld at the press conference, positioning “the world’s first AMD 6800U Windows handheld”. The specific information was not disclosed, but the customer service said that “the 6800 series is expected to be at the end of the year”, so AYANEO 2 Not surprisingly, we won’t see it until the end of the year.

According to reports, AYANEO will launch pan-gaming products in the second half of the year, and will create 4 different product lines, multi-dimensional development of handheld product lines, namely:

– Main line products

– NEXT Discovery Edition

– AIR Ultra Lightweight

– SLIDE slide version

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