Hisense officially announced the new product of ink screen reading mobile phone: released on May 11

Today, taking advantage of the 27th World Book Day, Hisense announced that it will release a new ink screen reading mobile phone on May 11, and released the first promotional video. From the promotional video, this new product will be designed with a right-angle middle frame and equipped with a black and white ink screen, which is similar in design to the previously launched Hi Reader and Touch readers. At present, in addition to the promotional video, Hisense has not disclosed more information about this ink screen phone, and its specific configuration parameters are not known for the time being. As a reference, the Hi Reader previously launched by Hisense uses a 6.7-inch ink screen with a pixel density of 300ppi. It is equipped with a domestic Tiger Ben Zhanrui T610 processor, and the system uses the TOUCH OS1 system developed based on Android 10. In terms of screen quality and system, the ink screen mobile phone launched this time will most likely follow this set of configurations. In fact, this product is not the first ink screen mobile phone launched by Hisense. Compared with traditional mobile phones, ink screen mobile phones are more eye-friendly and more power-saving, and have certain advantages when reading text content. However, due to the display principle of ink screen, it can .
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