Happy Humble’s Burger Barn – First-Person Horror Cooking announced for PS5

Happy Humble's Burger Barn - First-Person Horror Cooking announced for PS5

Sometimes game concepts come to light that you wouldn’t dream of. This also includes Happy Humble’s Burger Barn, a mix of first-person, retro, horror and cooking developed by the Scythe Dev Team and tinyBuild.

Target in Happy Humble’s Burger Barn is to heat up the grill, turn on the deep fryer, set up a drink machine and wait for the first customers to serve them. But with a twist.

While you manage the entire restaurant, including cooking, putting out fires, taking out the trash and getting rid of unwanted rat guests, you have to fulfill customer orders on time to avoid violations and in the end avoid the wrath of Happy the Humble heifer.

You will uncover the secrets of the franchise and your own existence in story mode or switch to endless mode for an uninterrupted cooking experience. To do this, you roam the streets and shops of New Elysian City, discovering audio logs and research pages to uncover the secret of your home.

Then enjoy the night shift with nine brand new albums recorded exclusively for the game plus five recurring classics via an interactive jukebox. In your free time, you can also watch up to two hours of talk shows and more than 60 TV shows with epic cameos

Happy’s Humble Burger Barn sees itself as an homage to the PSX era and aesthetics. It’s a short (~ 1 hour) experience focusing on experimental design concepts.

Happy Humble’s Burger Barn will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.