Halo Infinite: Buy Credits – these are the prices

Credits are the in-game currency in Halo Infinite and can be purchased with real money. We summarize what the price list looks like and what you can use the purchased credits for.

buy halo infinite credits

In-game price list: You can buy credits in different packages.

Halo Infinite: You can buy credits at these prices

The price table for the credits in Halo Infinite looks like this:
  • For € 4.99 you get 500 credits.
  • For 9.99 euros you get double the amount, i.e. 1,000 credits.
  • Volume discounts begin with the package for 19.99 euros, as you get 200 credits as a bonus – a total of 2,200.
  • For 49.99 euros you get 5,600 credits.
  • In the most expensive package for 99.99 euros, you get 11,500 credits.

Credits can be used to buy in-game items such as skins, poses and name tags – as well as the Premium Battle Pass. This costs 1,000 credits, around 10 euros. One step up is the Premium Pass Bundle, which gives you 100 XP awards in addition to the Battle Pass. These are enough for 25 levels in the Battle Pass.

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