Halo Infinite: AI Scan – How to Use the New Feature

AI scanning is a new feature your Spartan can – and should – use in Halo Infinite. Our guide explains the purpose of the scan and why you should not neglect the function.

halo infinite ki scan

An eye for something special: With the AI ​​scan you can find powerful weapons and objects.

Halo Infinite: This is the AI ​​scan

The new AI scan expands your options in Halo Infiniteby having the following function:
  • The AI ​​scan highlights special objects so you can find them faster.
  • Due to the effectiveness of the special items, it can be crucial to be able to collect and use them.
  • This applies to both special weapons and practical gadgets such as active camouflage.

On the Xbox controller, the KI scan is by default on the “control pad down”, on the keyboard it is the “Y” key. It is advisable to get used to using the scan quickly and to use it regularly.

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