Hades: Tier list of Olympian gods

Developed by Supergiant Games (Bastion, Pyre, Transistor), Hades is a roguelite released in 2020 on PC and Nintendo Switch, then in 2021 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The title invites players to embody the son of Hades, Zagreus. He wants to escape from Hell.

If many enemies will get in his way, Zagreus can, fortunately, count on the gods of Olympus, granting him Boons. It can be difficult, especially at the beginning of the adventure, to know which are the best gods of Olympus. Therefore, we have concocted for you a tier list regarding the best Olympian Deities on the game, Hades.

Hades Game Olympian Gods Tier List

As you run the game Hades, you will encounter many Olympian gods granting you various Blessings (read: “bonuses and skills”). Some of them are more interesting than others, so much the buffs they grant are interesting.

Thus, you will find our tier list of the best Olympian gods of Hades. This classification is proposed according to our own gaming experience. Note therefore that this information is given as an indication and is absolutely not stopped.

Also, remember that this list is based on the current meta of Hades. It may be that in the future, depending on the changes made by the developers, with the various updates and potential DLCs, the tier list of the gods of the Olympus of Hades is totally turned upside down, do not hesitate to come back regularly to this article in order to take note of the changes made and to manifest yourself, via the comments, if you do not agree with the tier list of Olympian gods of Hades presented.

Details of the gods of Olympus from the game Hades


” […] Lord Hades does not carry it in his heart, for reasons I can hardly imagine; more generally, he seems to refuse to keep in touch with the gods of Olympus […] “.



” […] Lord Hades also seems to have no affection for him, comparing him to Zeus, and avoiding them both. Whatever the cause of such disdain, one thing is certain: it is none of my business. […] “.



” […] The Underworld is a place of order, but the souls of the dead must first be brought there, a task not the least. He seems to have won the good graces of the ferryman Charon, known to be particularly inaccessible, even by his peers in the Underworld. Thus, everything leads me to believe that Hermes, in addition to his many talents, is the god of much more than it seems. […] “.



” […] Although very different from the other gods in this regard, he nevertheless keeps a certain distance from the Underworld, generally severing any ties he may have formed with his followers at the time of their death. Why worry about the misfortunes of the deceased when you can live in eternal pleasure? […]”.



” […] I can’t imagine her moved by their offerings. Much is said of her in a low voice, as if speaking of the Master himself. She once gave generously of life and sustenance, but one day, on a whim of the Fates, she changed, and was never so charitable again. The mortals who prayed to her for her benefits now implore her mercy. […] “.



” […] If there is one person capable of bridging the chasm between Lord Hades and the gods of Olympus, then it can only be her; however, even with all her wisdom, I doubt she would be able to relent someone as opinionated as the Master. […] “.



” […] I even think Lord Hades respects her in his own way. His power is undoubtedly responsible for the presence of a large number of shadows in his realm […] “.



” […] And yet, men gladly worship Ares, because they are very similar to him. I know something about it, I myself was a warrior, in my lifetime. Only now am I dead and beginning to understand my mistakes […] “.



” […] I sometimes think that, of all the gods of Olympus, she is perhaps the most powerful. A tidal wave or violent thunderstorm is far better than a broken heart […] “.

The article will be updated as needed.

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