Hades: How to transfer Save Games from Steam to Xbox

hades transfer saves from steam to xbox

Hades is out on Xbox (and PlayStation) today, but the developers have not added anyway to sync saves from the PC on which the game was previously released. Some players didn’t want to put up with this and found a way to transfer their progress from Steam to Xbox. To do this, we need a PC, a Steam version of the game, and a Windows Store version of the game.

Hades: How to transfer Saves from Steam to Xbox

  1. Install the game from the Windows Store.
  2. Start, create a save game, go through the first room (you can die). Go to the menu and make sure that the progress has been preserved.
  3. Go to the location of the save game for Windows Store version. The names of the folders inside wgs may differ. C: \ Users \ <User> \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ SupergiantGamesLLC.Hades_q53c1yqmx7pha \ SystemAppData \ wgs \ 00090000001A81C5_0000000000000000000000006AB487C4 \ C6A3138C31FE4C34BD34C518CBAser > 43DA is your profile.
  4. The largest file in this folder is your save. Just in case something goes wrong, make a backup of it.
  5. Now look for the save version of Steam. They are located along the path – C: \ Users \ <User> \ Documents \ Saved Games \ Hades (or go to your documents). If they are not there, start downloading the game, there is no need to completely install it. We just need the Profile1.sav file (where the number is the number of the save location, choose your own). Copy the required file to another location and rename it in accordance with the file name from point 4 (I changed it along with the file type / extension).
  6. Move the renamed Steam version file (step 5) to the folder where the Windows Store save files are stored (step 3).
  7. Then launch the Windows Store version. The new save should pick up and, in theory, sync with the Xbox service. But just in case, boot up and play a little (before the save).
  8. We launch the Xbox version and, thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, all your progress will go to the console from the Windows Store version of the game.

Thus, by tossing and changing files + syncing them, you can play with one progress in Steam / EpicStore / Windows Store / Xbox / Switch.

Achievements for me have also been transferred, but not all.

* In general, save files consist of three files (in Steam and Windows Store). On the first try, according to this guide, nothing worked for me. Therefore, I dragged all three files from Steam to the Win Store (you need to rename everything, the names are easy to match in size) and at the same time taking into account the save cell. Those. I had the fourth slot on Steam, in the Win Store I also used it. Everything worked.

Note: Since this is not an official method of synchronization (it simply does not exist) – we do everything at our own peril and risk.

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