GTA 6: Protagonist, Map, Story and other details in a fresh new leak

GTA 6: Protagonist, Map, Story

GTA 6 is definitely assaulted by rumors and leaks, in the last few days. The details that appeared in this case on 4chan speaks about the protagonist , the map and some elements of the story of the new Rockstar Games title.

Note: Just like the information we have recently reported on the complete list of land vehicles in the game, you have to take this with a grain of salt and only read as a mean of entertainment. There is the possibility that these are real and legitimate leaks, but also that are well-developed fake. We will only be able to know when an official statement arrives.


The source began by saying that he works for Rockstar Games , but does not want to reveal his position in the company. Then it went to a few details on ‘ setting of Grand Theft Auto VI , which he said will boast a map of size of approximately 103 square kilometers that meets the code name “Americas”.

In practice, this would be Florida, with the Miami portion presented as Vice City. In the eastern part, there is a large maritime area connected with various bridges, and the territories pass from the white sands of the beaches to the concrete cities, passing through forests and swamps.

GTA 6 leak: Protagonist, Map, Story

There will be two islands, one double the other and with a huge house complete with a plantation owned by a character whose nickname is “The Mexican”. The leaker says he doesn’t remember what’s on the smaller island instead. During the campaign, however, there will be a small guided experience inside Liberty City, without the possibility of exploring the city.


We then come to the protagonist, who according to this source is nicknamed Ricardo in reference to Ricky Ricardo from the television series I Love Lucy. Male, 34 years old at the end of the game, 1.83 meters tall, black hair, Cuban but with facial features that make him look more like an Italian.

GTA 6 leak: Protagonist, Map, Story

The leaker says motion capture for the game was completed at the end of 2019 and that there is no precise release date yet, although internally the goal is to have everything ready for a console launch in the fall of 2023, barring unforeseen circumstances.


The plot, within a chapter structure, will begin in Cuba in 1978 and will end in the “Americas” of 1987. Narratively, there will be several references to the migratory phenomenon of the 1980s and there will be no sections set to the present day. At a certain point in the campaign, we will see the arrival of a strong hurricane.


The soundtrack of GTA 6 would still be largely incomplete, there are songs in the game at the moment but Rockstar has not yet acquired the rights and therefore may not be present in the final version.

As for possible returns, we will see the Love Fists and Ken Rosenberg appear in some side missions. Ken will not be the same as seen in the past but will undergo treatment similar to that of Lazlow in the modern universe of Grand Theft Auto. By the way: Lazlow won’t be back.

GTA 6: Protagonist, Map and Story

From a technical point of view, the source reports that this is the most beautiful game Rockstar Games has ever made, with ray-traced reflections and shadows, as well as an extraordinary quality of water rendering.

Source: 4Chan