GSC Game World has started recruiting Testers (in large batches) for STALKER 2

GSC Game World has started recruiting Testers for STALKER 2

The Ingamejob site, which is designed to find work in the gaming industry, has a new vacancy from GSC Game World. Testers are required to work on STALKER 2.

After contacting the Community Manager of GSC Game World under the nickname Fenec it seems that they are looking to rapidly ramp up the development process for their anticipated STALKER sequel.

Q: is it true that you guys are quietly recruiting testers for the game?

Answer: I would not call it “quiet”.
We are recruiting them in huge numbers xDDD

Q: I honestly expected an NDA, but now I’m curious. Testers are limited only by being in Ukraine, and are they testing the project outside the Internet (that is, offline, in real life), or is it all the same globally?

Answer: This information is available on the Internet, so I am not breaking anything.
Yes, current testing is done domestically only

We recently covered that the game is very likely to include mod support for Xbox Series X/S consoles as well.

STALKER 2 will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC. For the new Xbox, the game will be a launch console exclusive and will be available with a Game Pass subscription on release day. Xbox Series X announced support for 4K Ultra HD and Ray Tracing technology. There will be no PS5 release.

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