Green Hell: How to increase Sanity

How to increase Sanity in green hell

In this below guide we are going to be talking about green hell and the ways to improve sanity in Green Hell. Sanity is an important mechanic in the game and can be deadly for those who are not prepared. In the beginning, you start with a 100% and throughout the game, your actions will raise or lower it if your sanity reaches around 50% you will start hearing your characters in a voice shouting and yelling insults which will not stop until you raise your sanity if you get as low as 0% you will start experiencing hallucinations of natives and items the imaginary natives can still hurt you but once hit they will disappear into a cloud of smoke real natives may also be among them so you need to be careful the imaginary items that you see will also disappear when you go to interact with them.

Sanity is a large part of Green Hell if you don’t die from animals or bugs or rashes or illness you will die from losing your mind. Below is a list of 10 such tips that will help you increase your sanity in Green Hell.

Green Hell: How to increase Sanity

  • Being near a Fire
  • Honeycomb
  • Sleep often
  • Eating a Parrot/bird meat
  • Avoid eating Human meat
  • Don’t eat Larvae
  • Don’t eat Maggots
  • Eating these kinds of foods
  • Don’t sleep on the ground
  • Don’t eat raw food/unknown items

Being near a fire

Being near a fire will increase your sanity by +2 or 3 clicks every few minutes. Now, this is great because a fire allows you to cook food, get warm, get cozy and obviously raise your sanity. However, having a fire out at night may have the potential to attract undesirable beings in the jungle such as natives or the Jaguar.


From a honey Beehive eating this will in fact increase your sanity. Fun fact you can also make a bandage out of the honeybees. You can make a honey bandage and if you’ve ever walked through the forrest and you’ve gotten a rash or something. Guess what the honeycomb bandage is the cure.

Sleep often

In order to get comfortable sleep you cannot sleep on the ground you must sleep in a hammock or a bed or a makeshift bed. You can’t sleep on the ground. If you get a comfortable sleep, you will get +3 sanity whenever you wake up. So, try sleeping for a few hours and then wake up and then again go back to sleep.

Eating a Parrot/bird meat

If you eat it it will increase your sanity.

Avoid eating Human meat

Many people make this mistake because they played the game of the forest where you essentially survive by being a cannibal eating other cannibals and with zero other side-effects not the case here. If you eat cannibal meat guess what you’re going to get like -35 sanity points it’s a pretty hefty tip.

Don’t eat Larvae

Larvae by itself is a terrible thing for your sanity and it probably tastes disgusting anyway so avoid eating it at any cost. However, you can use larvae in certain soups.

Don’t eat Maggots

For the same exact reason as the larvae. However, they can be used to treat infectious festering wounds and you can also use them in soups and stews.

Eating these kinds of foods

Often try to eat these below kinds of food to keep your sanity stable and help increase it:

  • Cooked smoked dried meat and fish
  • Cooked snails
  • Honeycomb
  • Nuts
  • Coconut flesh
  • Monstera deliciosa fruit
  • Industrialized foods such as bag of nuts and candy bars

Don’t sleep on the ground

Avoid sleeping on the ground because you’ll get ringworm and a lot of people get caught off guard with the ringworm because it drops their sanity and then you will freak out if you don’t have a bone needle to dig it out. By the way, you get a bone needle by harvesting any kind of bone whether that be a bone that you find on the carcass of a dead animal a native that you killed, or a fish

Don’t eat raw food/unknown items

If you eat raw food that is not cooked food they don’t put on the fire you will lose sanity. Also, you can lose your valuable sanity by eating some unknown items such as mushrooms or some unknown herbs.

Always keep an eye on your sanity level. If it get around 75% start putting efforts in increasing it. Check yourself often to ensue you don’t have any rashes, worms or leeches on you and don’t let the sanity fall below 50% as it can be difficult to increase from that point.