Google is recently working on it’s own videogame console

Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation have been at the front line of gaming for over 10 years, however as indicated by reports, another challenger might arrive soon – Google’s videogame console

Google’s videogame console

Some gamers won’t recollect when Microsoft was a newcomer to the comfort gaming scene, yet it is conceivable to participate on the off chance that you have a monstrous measure of money to spend and will work at a misfortune until the point when you enter the generally steadfast gaming market.

Some Google tech has seen mix on reassures previously, and the organization is no more peculiar to making little amusements, yet testing the support advertise is a completely extraordinary story.

What exactly will be this Google’s videogame console ???

This console’s code name we get to know is Yeti .

The company is  working on its console, which will be a kind of streaming device that allows the remote download of games.

It’s definitely a hardware device which allows user to view game developers under one roof.

Google's videogame console

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This console will also be able to handle rendering of graphics. This allows gamers with low specs computer to smoothly run high quality games on it .

We are not so sure about it’s design but we can say that this Google’s videogame console is going to be a headache for Xbox and playstation .

Why this console is much needed ???

This platform will mainly reduce the barriers between console and PC gaming.

The main thing I like about Google’s videogame console is that it prevent gamers with low specs PC from buying different graphics card , RAM and other things .

Just buy one console and that’s it .

And with a company like Google behind the tech and development, it’s certainly possible that much like Microsoft with the Xbox, Yeti could become the norm in gaming in the future.

At last

However we don’t know all the features about Yeti . We will be looking forward to it but don’t forget to comment below your thoughts on this .

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