“Ghosted”: Apple TV + replaces Scarlett Johansson with Ana de Armas

"Ghosted": Apple TV + replaces Scarlett Johansson with Ana de Armas

At the end of August we brought you the news that Apple Studios were working on a romantic action movie with Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans “entitled” Ghosted “. Today’s news claims that Scarlett Johansson has withdrawn from the project.

Deadline reports today that Johansson had to abandon the project because the shooting would have gone into conflict with other commitments already made previously by the actress. The actress will replace her Ana de Armas. This change in the running was necessary because Apple’s intent is to bring the film “Ghosted” into production by February. Unfortunately, these timing did not go well for Johansson.

Ana de Armas will then take her place, a very popular actress in this period after “Dinner with Murder” and “No Time To Die”, and with the upcoming “Deep Water” directed by Adrian Lyne with Ben Affleck. He also recently starred with Evans himself and Ryan Gosling in the film “The Gray Man” directed by directors Joe & Anthony Russo for Netflix. She has also been in talks to play the lead in John Wick’s spin-off “Ballerina”.

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