Gg TFT tracker, how to know its statistics?

TFT (or Tactical Combat) is a game that can be very competitive and some players are looking to know their stats. For this, there is the site.

TFT (or Teamfight Tactics) since its release is a highly competitive game with in particular ranked games, but also normal games for those wanting to play calmly.

Some players are trying to find out where they can go to know their statistics on Tactical Combat and for that, there is a site called

Where can we see his stats on TFT?

If you want to know your statistics on TFT, there is a site, namely which is available in link below.

>>> Know your statistics on Teamfight Tactics <<<

Once on this site, all you have to do is choose the region and indicate your nickname in the ” Search Summoner »In order to know your personal stats directly. As soon as you are on the page that interests you, you will be able to know your percentage of wins, your average placement, the synergies you use the most, as well as review the stats of your previous games.

In addition, we remind you that it is also possible to know your statistics, the statistics of champions, classes and origins by installing the application. which is licensed by Riot Games. If you would like to download it, it is available at the link below.

>>> Téléchargez <<<

Finally, we remind you that if you want to know the best TFT compositions when releasing each update on the game, you can check out our tier list article on Teamfight Tactics.