6 Best Games like Rocket League for Android [Must try]

games like rocket league for android

Rocket League is a pretty fun game. It has such a unique concept. It is one of my personal favorite games of all time. And I recommend it to almost everyone who is looking for a challenging game to play. Rocket League is a cross-platform game between PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo switch except the Mobile platform. There is no official Rocket League game on mobile devices. However, we are able to find some best similar games like Rocket League for Android and put up a list that you can see below.

We ranked the below games in a particular order based on the gameplay, controls, challenges and the overall similarity between Rocket League and the game.

Best Games like Rocket League for Android

  • Turbo League
  • Demolition Derby 3
  • Rocket Car Ball
  • Rocket Soccer Derby
  • Drive Ahead! Sports
  • Super RocketBall

1. Turbo League

turbo league

First on the list is the Turbo League. You might have heard about this but if you aren’t sure whether to give it a shot then we recommend you do. It is almost the official mobile version of the Rocket League. The graphics are very similar, it has some really cool cars inside it.

The multiplayer mode features a 3v3 online battle. The game also has a decal editor which is filled with tons of customization options for your car. There are a total of 19 cars to choose from in the game and if you prefer playing with a controller then it also got gamepad support for it. A really good game that you must try.


2. Demolition Derby 2

games like rocket league for android

This is another feature-packed game that is quite similar to Rocket League but without soccer. I am not sure if this belongs in this list but still, it has these challenging mechanics combined with driving kinda like Rocket League. Anyways, you have the freedom to try it yourself.

There are over 50+ unique vehicles and 60+ racing tracks and arenas. The best part about Demolition Derby 2 is the interesting game modes it features. It has a free drive mode, a police chase mode, street racing mode and obviously a demolition derby mode. I never get bored of this game and I’m sure you won’t as well.


3. Rocket Car Ball

rocket league for mobile

This is another driving combined Football game probably based in the Mad Max universe. The concept is same as the Rocket League. You have to put the ball into the opponent’s post and commit a goal except now there are offroad cars, garbage trucks equipped with rockets, missiles and other variety of weapons. It’s super fun.

However, sometimes the controls might get a little janky on some devices. All vehicles are customizable with 50+ options. I like the design of this game but I still hope it will get better with future updates.


4. Rocket Soccer Derby

games like rocket league android

Rocket Soccer Derby is another typical vehicular Football game with some unique features. In this game, you can perform tricks while jumping like a flip or something. It also has a seasonal league mode that you can participate in.

A 3v3 online multiplayer is also present. You can customize your vehicle and also you can complete achievements and level-up in the game.


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5. Drive Ahead! Sports

games as fun as rocket league

If you are looking for something in 2D then this game is perfect. This game has pretty cool unique aesthetics to it. One thing I like about this is in tournament matches the collision is off which gives a little freedom of play in a game like this.

Basically, you jump or shoot a missile at the ball to make it land inside the opponent’s goal post and register a point to your name. This game is very fun. There are these uniquely designed arenas to play in and also there is a local multiplayer mode which is my favorite. To make this game more addicting, they have also added a tournament mode which you can play to earn rewards.


6. Super RocketBall

games like rocket league for android

Super RocketBall can be a fun Android game to play if you can ignore the graphics. You can say it gets the work done. It has 8 different cars, 8 different stadiums inside it. the game is challenging, fun. I wasn’t sure about the controls but I found them very smooth when I tried it.

It has a practice mode to… well, practice and a multiplayer mode as well. Honestly, at this point just play the Turbo League or some other above-mentioned game.


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