5 Best Games like Overwatch for Android 2020

games like overwatch for android

Overwatch is a highly addictive game, especially when you are playing with your friends. But sometimes it might get a little repetitive and becomes very easy to get bored with. I often suddenly get really bored while playing it. At these times, it is better to play some other similar game until you regain the urge to play Overwatch with new interest. If you too are looking for something similar like Overwatch to spend your time on then you are on the right article. Below are some of the best games like Overwatch that are available for Android devices.

Note: We choose these particular games as they are slightly different from Overwatch but not completely different as well in terms of visuals and the overall aesthetics of the gameplay. So, if you think we missed a game that needs to be mentioned here then comment below and we will be all over it.

Games like Overwatch for Android

  1. FRAG Pro Shooter
  2. Hero Hunters
  3. Shadowgun War Games
  4. ShellFire – MOBA fps
  5. Heroes of Warland

FRAG Pro Shooter

games like overwatch for android

Frag Pro Shooter is a highly recommended game that I think you must try. The main reason for that is the graphics and the minimal visuals that it has. Most of the shooter games that I have played on Android have all these complicated controls and buttons covering a major portion of the screen. And now playing this game feels so much better. 

Frag Pro Shooter features a system where you can switch between the other 5 characters and take more control over your gameplay. You can also revive your character by switching to a different one. There are over 70 characters that you can add to your team and also you can upgrade them to be seen as the best team in this game. The developers keep on updating the game frequently and add new things into it every now and then.


Hero Hunters

android games like overwatch

This is another great Overwatch alternative for Android. It is a very action packed game with cool characters and lots of weapons to play with. It has this ‘boss raid’ mode where you and your team will have to fight against a single boss. And also you can switch between characters during the fights as well. Hero Hunters features some really cool characters like magic, assault, cyborg, sniper assassins, robot, warrior, shotgun, etc. 

I also kinda liked the graphics as they are little dark and ambient. You can also build and upgrade your team with up to 5 players and participate in several league matches. Weapons like snipers, cannons, swords are also there for your help. I enjoyed playing Hero hunters and I would say that this game is a perfect replacement for a game like Overwatch that you can play indefinitely.


Shadowgun War Games

Here is a new mobile FPS game which has gained huge popularity in recent months. This game has its own seasons, a battle pass, a wide array of skillsets for each character and many other things like that.

It has a growing community of players from all over the world and the devs of this games always push out new maps, skills, features into the game with the recent being just a couple of days back which added a new map, a championship season, a new hero, new emojis and a whole bunch of these. Overall, Shadowgun is a pretty unique game with cool features and a good player base. Good game, highly recommended.


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ShellFire: MOBA FPS

You might have heard about ShellFire before. It’s quite a popular game as an alternative to Overwatch on mobile devices. However, I observed some bugs and stability issues with the controls in this game while playing. There are few interesting game modes like battle mode, deathmatch, capture points, etc. ShellFire also features a high intense 10 round zombie mode which includes boss fights and if you win that the game presents you with some good rewards. 

The game is filled with fictional characters with their own special skills and abilities. If you are someone who likes intense, action-packed gameplay then you will probably enjoy it.


Heroes of Warland

best games like overwatch for android

This is a rather new entry in the FPS world of Android gaming with a really minimal and simple UI which I like very much. The graphics are, I would say very Fortnitish with those cartoonish characters and that familiar lightning/shadows. It is a very new game, so you will definitely encounter some issues/bugs while playing it.

In this game, there are these ‘hero cards’ that you can use to upgrade/customize your hero. It has a 3v3 battle mode and features regular quests that you can complete. Other features present in Heroes of Warland includes 30+ outfits, 25+ weapon skins, team chat, adjustable controls, etc.


So, what makes Overwatch unique??

Overwatch is unlike any other modern FPS games that we have seen. The gameplay puts a huge emphasis on teambuilding like every character in a team has a special role in the battle. It has a wide array of interesting characters with their own story behind them. The game has less amount of in-game purchasable content that can also be obtained by just getting good and ranking higher in the game. Even in 2020, it has a massive player base and a close community associated with it. 

So, that was it from our side for this list of best games like Overwatch for Android. If we have missed something, we would like to hear it from you in the comment section below.

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