FS22 timber loading and selling

What do I do with my wood? Can I sell or process the wood? At the beginning of FS22, some processes are pretty unclear, for example if you buy a chainsaw and fall a bump, you don’t really know what to do with the wood. In this article we explain what you can do with the wood and how you can get it in your trailer.

Processing or selling wood

This article refers to the beginning of FS22, so if you are just about to build your farm. Later in the Farming Simulator 22 there are other options for processing wood.

To get wood, you have to cut a tree. We have described how this works in this article.

When you have cut a tree, you have to cut it with a chainsaw. So that you cut the tree trunks to match your means of transport. Have you worked on your tree, you have to load the Holt.

There are several options for loading wood. You definitely need a front loader, either you buy a device for your tractor (the tractor MUST be equipped with a front loader attachment) or you buy a complete front loader vehicle. You also need the right front loader tool, for example the pole fork for 3,000 euros.

Now you can load the felled wood into your trailer and sell it at the sawmill. Drive to the yellow-black marked area at the sawmill, leave the vehicle and walk to the info symbol, here you can sell your wood.

The control of the front loader is a bit confusing on the PC, you can control everything with the left and right mouse button!