From next year, there will be zero tariffs on gasoline engine particle traps/automotive electronic throttles

On December 16, according to media reports, starting from January 1, 2022, my country will impose a provisional import tariff rate lower than the most-favored-nation tariff rate on 954 commodities.

in,In order to improve environmental quality and promote green and low-carbon development, import tariffs on gasoline engine particulate traps that can improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions, electronic throttles for automobiles, and peat that can be used for soil remediation are reduced.

At the same time, import tariffs on key components such as membrane electrode assemblies and bipolar plates for fuel cells will be reduced.

It is understood thatGPF gasoline engine particulate trap, evolved from a flow-through three-way catalytic converter, is actually a ceramic filter installed in the gasoline engine exhaust system. Its main function is to collect particulate matter in the exhaust. In addition to tiny particles, the ash formed by the combustion of engine oil additives will also adhere to the GPF.

When the exhaust gas passes through the porous wall surface of the GPF carrier with multiple parallel axial honeycomb channels, the particulate matter will be trapped and intercepted, thereby effectively reducing the particulate matter emissions of the engine exhaust.

Gasoline engine particle trap is a relatively expensive component. In the past few years, many criminals cut this component on automobiles.

However, after the implementation of zero tariffs on particulate traps in China, this part may be used in large quantities on fuel vehicles, and the price should be reduced to prevent it from being targeted by criminals.


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