Freedom Planet 2, it will be for the summer of 2023 on consoles – News

The long lag of this cross-platform release will give developers time to localize their game in several languages, which will of course be added to PC as a free update. After a very long development, Freedom Planet 2 should in any case meet its deadlines on PC, the remaining work being limited to the end credits sequence and a few small cutscenes to be finalized.

Remember that four playable characters await lovers of action, platforms and speed (Lilac, Carol, Milla and Neera) and that the GalaxyTrail team had a good time working on an adventure mode rich in narration and which takes the shape of a map of the world to be explored from top to bottom. For purists, the classic mode will still be there to get to the heart of the matter and chain levels like a good old Sonic.

More choices also on the gameplay side, with for example the appearance of a new counter mechanic associated with a button, but which players can do without by activating automatic guard in the options and thus parry a good part of the attacks without forcing .