Forza Motorsport 2023 vs Forza Motorsport 7: the comparison video | Xbox One

Forza Motorsport’s gameplay presentation at the Xbox and Bethesda conference helped lift the lid on Turn10’s next game, and if you wanted to know how the game was doing compared to the last installment, today’s comparison video is for you. that.

Forza Motorsport will benefit from the new consoles

Since the beginning of the franchise, Forza Motorsport has always been committed to being at the forefront of technology, whether it is the degree of simulation observed or the level of detail in its graphics.

Although the last episode was criticized on this point, with some regressions compared to Forza Motorsport 6, the following video shows us the technical gap between the last episode released in 2017 and the next opus scheduled for spring 2023. say that the latter can set the bar higher since it will only be available on the latest machines available, namely Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC

We especially notice that the light is rendered in a much more realistic way on the new Forza Motorsport, which is easily seen on the mythical circuit of Maple Valley where the trees are much better integrated into the decor. The vegetation is also more present and we hope that the rendering presented during the conference is in line with what we will find on Xbox Series X next year.

To go further, do not hesitate to consult the list of cars of Forza Motorsport and to download one of the 10 images of the game in landscape or portrait format for your mobile. If you haven’t done so yet, we also advise you to watch the game’s gameplay on your 4K TV.