Fortnite: Klombo-Sized Geyser Secret Challenge – Fortnite

The fortnite challenges are always in the game for this Chapter 3 Season 2, and return to something more classic, leaving aside what we have known lately. Players are now used to it over time, they impatiently wait for Thursday to discover these new challenges, which are very useful to them, since they can allow them to recover XP in order to progress in the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics, such as outfits, back accessories or collection tools. However, Epic Games sometimes launches special challenges, as is the case with this secret challenge titled “Klombo-Sized Geyser”.

Where to find Geysers the size of a klombo?

This challenge is not indicated in game, so it is quite difficult to validate it, unless fall, by chance, on these geysers. Moreover, as indicated by the first two secret challenges of this season, the Klombos seem to be making a comeback.

Here, you are simply asked to find three klombo-sized geysers, which isn’t really difficult, if you know where to look. Know that we find some in the desert area, in the south of the island, but also in the north, where there were piles of snow for the first secret challenge. In total we find six, but be aware that we can use the same one three times, the challenge will still be validated. You can find on the map below some places where you can find a geyser the size of a klombo.

Note that there don’t seem to be more locations for this challenge. You will therefore have to visit one of the six places indicated on the map above. For the challenge to be validated, all you have to do is go to the level of the hole and be thrown into the air by the geyser.

Completing this secret challenge should net you an additional 10,000 Season XP.

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