Fortnite Christmas challenges, list of winter quests in 2021

The Christmas challenges are finally arriving in Fortnite, allowing you to obtain many rewards for the winter holidays! Check out the list of quests.

Every year, the winter festivals are celebrated in Fortnite through different challenges, but also gifts to discover every day, and a winter chalet to visit! 2021 will be no exception to the rule, since from this Thursday, December 16 at 3 p.m., Christmas arrives in the game.

The winter chalet will make a comeback, as will the Christmas challenges which are different each year. Discover below the complete list of these winter quests !

Winter challenges in Fortnite, what are the Christmas quests?

Find below the list of Fortnite winter challenges in 2021, which have been leaked on social networks:

  • Warm up by the fire in the cozy chalet – 1
  • Deal damage to opponents with the Snowball Launcher – 50
  • Pick up small planes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound – 3
  • Traveling with frozen feet – 200
  • Steal thanks to a hen – 200
  • Dance for 3s at the Nutcracker chalet and at Sergeant Frimas’ workshop – 2
  • Hit a snowman with a vehicle – 1
  • Using a Holiday Gift – 1
  • Search a chest under a Christmas tree – 1
  • Eat food in one game – 5
  • Hide 10s in a stealthy snowman within 25m of an opponent – 10
  • Lighting a Campfire With Your Feet Frozen – 1
  • Travel 1000m on a Nutcracker jet quad – 1000
  • Destroy Holiday Decorations – 10
  • Use a Freeze Grenade to freeze an opponent’s feet – 1

For each of the complicated challenges, a guide will be associated. You just have to click on the challenges in blue to access their guide, and be able to easily complete the quest!