FIFA 23 reveals new information

FIFA 23 is expected for the end of August 2022, and promises several major novelties. If the additions and improvements for Career mode have already been unveiled, a large part of the community is waiting for FUT mode to show itself a little more. Waiting, EA Sports has released a new video, in which the improvements related to matches are listed.

For example, we learn that the pre-match sequences are reviewed, to offer new scenes, in particular by seeing the access to the supporters’ stadium, to convey the atmosphere surrounding the special matches. Speaking of fans, EA Sports promises an even more realistic audience, thanks to ” a new detailed rendering to provide more variety among the people filling the stands. We will also be able to appreciate a visual improvement of the nets and more advanced slow motions.

But that’s not all, since the developers explain that the “FIFA Trainer” is redesigned, and that cameras are added, to immerse us in the heart of the action and offer better rendering quality. To get a little closer to reality, FIFA 23 will also feature female referees, whether in FUT or Club Pro. We can also take advantage of new goal celebrations, at the end of the video, taking inspiration from some of the greatest players of recent seasons.

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