FIFA 23 – naming rights cost EA billions

FIFA 23 - naming rights cost EA billions

For a few days it has been reported that EA’s name FIFA for their football simulation, as, among other things, the usage rights for it expire. Obviously, there is also a lot of money involved here.

As the New York Times reports, EA would from now on have to pay around 1 billion US dollars to FIFA for each season, a sum that has to be brought in first. Currently it was only 150 million US dollars, which makes it understandable why one would prefer to use the name FIFA waived.

License only to be granted exclusively?

Another point is said to be that FIFA only wants to assign the name to one game exclusively, which puts them in a position to drive the price so high for it. EA, on the other hand, plans to use it in tournaments and digital products. The greed is clearly to be found here at FIFA, for which they are already known. The fact that the importance of classic football is steadily declining seems to be overlooked.

It can be assumed that EA will not get involved in a deal of this kind and that a new name has already been found, which may be EA Sports FC. At least that’s what the most recent trademark entry suggests.

One does not believe that the name change will have a major impact on the success of EA’s football series. Konami also recently joined PES made a 180 degree turn so that both publishers are on par in that regard to re-establish their simulations. Konami is now going the free-2-play path as eFootball, which EA is also following according to further rumors. The main aim of this is to lower the entry barrier.

The name under which the FIFA series will operate in the future will probably be found out in the coming months.