FIFA 22: Shapeshifters, or Shapeshifters, are available – FIFA 22

Shapeshifters, what is it?

After the TOTS cards, which arrived in the last few weeks, Electronic Arts now offers us new cards, well known to Ultimate Team fans, with the event ShapeshiftersFrenchified as “ Metamorphosed “. The principle is simple, all players benefiting from a metamorphosed card will see their usual position be more or less modified. As a result, an attacker can become a winger, a defensive midfielder or an attacker, while a defender can inherit a more attacking position, or even a scorer. You will have understood it, no new goalkeeper will arrive with the players MetamorphosedEA not having pushed the vice so far.

The players benefiting from these metamorphosed cards are not only players who have been highlighted thanks to high-level performances during this 2021-2022 season, although we find some of the best players from each championship. A first team of players is already available in the packs for a week, before giving way, on Friday June 24, to a second wave of players. Naturally, other players metamorphosed will make their debut in Squad Building Challenges (SCC).

You can find the list of all players Metamorphosed below, including those from Team 1.

FUT 22 Shapeshifters

Team 1


  • 94 – France Kalulu -DC- A.C. Milan
  • 92 – France Mukiele -DC- RB Leipzig
  • 92 – Spain Bellerin – CEO – Real Betis


  • 95 – Algeria Atal -MC- OGC Nice
  • 96 – Belgium hazard – MOC – real Madrid
  • 95 – Italy Spinazzola – CDM – AS Roma


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