Fan creates a completely playable Animal Crossing version of Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid – Animal Crossing Edition

Fans of the Metal Gear series do not cease to amaze with their creativity. We regularly inform you about various remakes of this brand, and this time we can take a look at what Metal Gear Solid could look like in Animal Crossing.

Bearly Regal is known for creating amazing, playable designs and remixes of famous games. Last year we were able to watch The Last of Us Part 2 in the “retro” edition, i.e. see what the title would look like in the version for the first PlayStation. This time, a YouTube user took the Metal Gear brand to the workshop.

Metal Gear Solid – Animal Crossing Edition

The creator presented a preliminary version of his latest project entitled Metal Gear Solid – Animal Crossing Edition. As Bearly Regal assures, it is a playable piece of code, not a pre-rendered animation. Work on this project is ongoing.

Metal Gear Solid – Animal Crossing Edition is, of course, inspired by the events and places from the cult Hideo Kojima game from 1998. The whole thing is made in manga-caricature aesthetics taken from the Animal Crossing brand, which in its current switch edition is breaking records of popularity.  It looks cute and funny. The project is yet to develop, so we have to wait for more video materials. Bearly Regal announces that it will soon introduce many more locations and, above all, traces in the snow left by Snake’s shoes.