Fall Guys: 20 million players with its arrival on Xbox, Switch and PlayStation | XboxOne

The success of Fall Guys seems to be there! While the release of the game is already two years old, the Mediatonic title seems to have benefited from its transition to free-to-play.

20 million people on Fall Guys in 48 hours

Mediatonic announces that 20 million players have tried Fall Guys during the first two days of its release in a free-to-play model, that is to say a model that is based on a free game with cosmetic items to buy.

Along with going free, Fall Guys also came to Nintendo Switch and Xbox, which allowed the game to reach a new target audience who may not have known about the game before. A winning couple that heated the servers right out, even forcing the developers to cut off access to private games for a few hours.

Today, everything is back to normal and Season 1, titled Free for All, at his best. The developers are now focused on adding new things to the game, but players already have a lot of ideas they want to see implemented.

Among the elements requested by the community, we can for example mention the arrival of a scoreboard, statistics, tournaments, a ranked mode, or even the creation of a group of friends with more than four players, which today limits games between friends.