Expectation VS reality of parallel import on the example of iPhone. Compare the price in Svyaznoy and on Gorbushka

In Russia started sell smartphones imported through parallel imports.

For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, imported as part of a parallel import, is already available in Svyaznoy. The 256 GB model costs 179,990 rubles.

In early February, the 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max officially cost 119,990 rubles. For comparison, the same smartphone on Yandex.Market is sold for 145,965 rubles, and this is the Rostest version. A “gray” iPhone can be bought for 97 thousand rubles.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB Rostest on Yandex.Market.

In Svyaznoy, the price of an iPhone imported via parallel import is 23% higher than the Rostest version on Yandex.Market and 85% higher than the “gray” device, which will not be covered by a warranty in Russia.

Svyaznoy said that parallel import devices will rise in price by 10-20% compared to February prices. But if we compare the price tag using the 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max as an example, then in Svyaznoy it will be 50% higher than on the Apple website in early February.

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The “gray” iPhone costs almost twice as much.

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    For goods purchased as part of parallel imports, special labels will be introduced