EA reaffirms that Battlefield 2042 is a large space project and will continue for the most part

The estrogen of Battlefield 2042 November 19th for PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One was not satisfactory for gamers or Electronic Arts. Pero a la compaa no se le passe por la cabeza dejar morir al juego par centerre en un plausible prxima entrega. Andrew Wilson, executive director of the firm, has confirmed that the studio is under development EA DICE y la editora tienen una “visin a largo plazo” del shooter blico. In April, we will correct error errors with a large update and add habitual functions to the male games that are not included in the launch. The first time to read with free additional content is to train in Verano.

Sign el medio VGCWilson attended a conference with the shareholders and the disminucin in the number of players ha hecho a la compaa replantearse el apoyo al juego; has no dates for Xbox, PlayStation and Origin versions, but on Steam, sign dates from SteamDB, Battlefield 2042 ha tenido 2145 players in the 24 hours, there is a considerable decrease in the peak of 105,397 users in its launch. “No, y nuevo, tenemos una visin a largo plazo”respond to the executive.

“It’s one of them great sagas of our industrybuilt by one of the great teams of the industry, and our expectations are what it takes to be creative and be a really important part of our catalog during much, muchos aos “. Wilson also points to the changes in the directive team in charge of the saga: Vince Zampellarespawn cofundador (Apex Legends, Titanfall) and Infinity Ward (Call of Duty), sustituy to OScar Gabrielson as general manager of the series. Adems, a DICE studio in Seattle led by Marcus Lehto (one of the designers of Halo: Combat Evolved) with the objective of disear a narrative a lo largo y ancho de los juegos de Battlefield.

“Estn resuming the development process since then, and actually using the Vince Zampella / Respawn model ‘llegar a la diversin lo ms rpido posible’“” There have been thousands of updates for the community, working on [mejoras de] quality of life, and really perfecting the key to the game. I believe that our work is done by ah and the team is committed to doing this work for the community “.

Wilson makes it clear that the objective is the gameplay experience of Battlefield 2042 sea ​​divertida y est pulida. A logarithm of this, commented on ampliarlo: “Ms all de eso, a vez that we read to a point in which we are in the correct place with the central experience, and with the central game, entonces deberais esperar que invirtamos y crezcamos ms all de donde est el juego hoy “.

Battlefield Mobile reaches the finals of 2022 or the principles of 2023

Electronic Arts’s maximum has announced a launch venture for Battlefield Mobile to make sure that the game does not appear in the plans of the company’s launch plans for the fiscal period ending in March 2023. The version for the days of shooter blico se estrenar en Espaa y el resto del mundo a finals of this to the principles of 2023.

Battlefield Mobile

The executive explained that he had to start another test phase (not specified internally or with an alpha for a select group of players) in the Mayo finals. Asimismo, planean hacer betas cerradas y un soft launch, es decir, estrenar el ttulo en algunos pases modo de prueba antes del globalo estreno. “[…] pero habiendo jugado al ttulo “, apunta Wilson, “we can say that we are very emotional about its potential”.

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