Dungeons & Dragons – Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft Available

New release for D&D: “Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft” is available since June 21.

This new book for Dungeons & Dragons, written by monster scholar Rudolph Van Richten. He compiled all of his knowledge, correspondence, and investigative records into this book, uncovering horrifying truths and insights that would terrorize the most seasoned adventurer.

With this guide, D&D fans can dive into the dark mists of Ravenloft with a whole new set of possibilities for the game master and his players:

  • Custom Creation Rules for Dark Domains lords prevailing in the region.
  • Unpublished backgrounds, as well as trinkets, totally in the theme of the book: horrific, as well as new lineages of characters like the dhampire, the gallbladder and the resurrected.
  • New subclasses: College of Spirits for Bards, and Pact of the Undead for Occultists.
  • Explore the dark presents, which can give consistency to the role of the characters
  • New monsters in the bestiary
  • A unique adventure

It’s even an excellent gateway for new players who would like to discover a horror-oriented adventure.

On the site (HERE) you will be able to download in PDF a board of spiritualism and sheets of thematic characters!

Enjoy your stay in the dark moors of Ravenloft!