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the Rogue Water on Dofus Touch benefits from a fairly complete spell kit. This guide will help you choose your Water Roub stuff according to your level. If you want to change classes, you’ll find everything you need on our comprehensive Dofus Touch classes guide.

Last update: May 2022

Guide to properly stuff your Water Rogue on Dofus Touch

Don’t forget that, if you are subscribed with an Elite Pack, you can reset your statistics between each fight. Adapt your stats to your stuff and your objective, always favoring the Chancethen Vitality.

Like others, the Rogue has the same levels as the PC version of Dofus. The Fire, Air and Water paths are open to him, depending on your needs and desires.

1 for 1 1 for 2 1 for 3 1 for 4
Vitality 0 to ∞
Wisdom 0 to ∞
Strength 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
Intelligence 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
Chance 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
Agility 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
From 0 to 100 Strength, 1 characteristic point costs 1 point. Between 100 and 200 Strength, 1 characteristic point costs 2 points, etc.

To play your Water Rogue on DOFUS Touch, you are advised to mount up to 300 points in Luck. Then, adapt your statistics by increasing your Vitality, for example.

Regarding spells, some will be up to level 6 as soon as possible. Others will have to climb to level 2, 3, or 4, or even not to climb.

Main spells (level 6)
Detonator – Boot – Magnetization – Entourloupe – Requille – Water Bomb – Remission – Last Breath – Countdown – Overload – Blunderbuss – Kaboom – Roblabot

Secondary spells
Liberation – Flamiche – Cawwot – Explobombe – Cunning – Tornabomb – Powder

If you don’t play Dofus Touchthis guide also exists for Dofus and Dofus Retro.


With update 1.54 at the beginning of 2022, the bonuses for sets and items 1 to 200 have been improved. Thus, several items have become much more important and interesting for your stuff.

Level 20

Luck of Ecaflip Blue Piwi Ring Blue Piwi Amulet L’Ergot Mina Blue Piwi Sandals Tourist Agency Shield Blue Piwi Cloak Blue Piwi Belt Blue Piwi Hat Dofawa

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Level 40

Kwakring of Ice The Ecalizer Amulet of Kam Assutra Kwakblade of Ice Kwakobots of Ice Shield of the Tourist Agency Kwape of Ice Kwakture of Ice Kwakhead of Ice Dofawa Bwak of Water

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Level 60

Gelano Indigo Blopring Gobbamu Staff Akwadala Carabots Shore Shield Cloak of the Hue Rooster Blue Turtle Belt Caracoiffe Minor Paralyzer Dofus Cawwot Examiner Minor Player Minor Water Reaver Minor Numb Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo

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Level 80

Royal Indigo Blopring Gelano Royal Indigo Amublop Ares Royal Indigo Bloptes Pandawa Shield Cape of the Rooster Hu Belt of the Winds Caracoiffe Minor Paralyzer Cawwot Dofus Examiner Minor Player Minor Water Rampage Minor Numb Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo

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Level 110

Ancestral Ring Gelano Torque Ancestral Ares Shin Guards Ancestral Porclier Abracapa Ancestral Abrature Ancestral Abracaska Ancestral Traveler Dofus Cawwot Examiner Turbulent Paralyzer Teaser Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo

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Level 130

Gelano Moutheuze Ring Royal Mastogob Amulet Ares Royal Mastogob Boots Pigman Corbacape Mastralis Royal Mastogob Belt Crackmouflage Helmet Voyager Turbulent Cawwot Dofus Paralyzer Rampager Water Teaser Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo

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Level 150

Styxano Gelano Amulet of Grozilla Ax of the Zoth Warrior Hogmy Boots Hogwarts Crannier’s Cloak Grozilla’s Belt Whirled Traveler’s Hat Turbulent Cawwot Dofus Major Paralyzer Major Water Reaver Major Teaser Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo

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Level 180

Gelano Deep Sea Bracelet Korriander Amulet Korriander Ax Deep Sea Sandals Shushkebab Shield Korriander Cloak Soryo Snowfoux Loincloth Deep Sea Mask Turbulent Traveler Major Paralyzer Major Numb Major Water Rampager Major Teaser Dragoturkey Plum and Indigo

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Stuffs for a THL Water Rogue on Dofus

Iconic for its gameplay apart from the other classes of Dofus, and Touch by extension, the Rogue is not turnkey. You’re going to have a hard time riding it and mastering it. However, the payoff trumps all others, with one of the best offensive potentials in the game. Paired with a Pandawa, the Roub rolls over PvM, with occasional exceptions. But will you get there?

Level 190

At this level, you have 4 major Sets at this level:

  • freezing : The Belt is probably the item that will be the most useful, offering two very interesting lines of resistance. It is simply the best at this level, even at level 200.
  • danathor : Despite its large range and characteristic bonuses, it only gives a small amount of resistance and Vitality. Don’t overdo it!
  • Quartzian : A Water/Air Set, but especially Water on the Amulet and the Headdress. It offers a little more resistance than the Danathor, but uses the same principle. Range, stats, but little tanking.
  • sleet : Since the up of its set bonus, it becomes excellent in every way.

Several objects then gravitate around it. the Baton K’tueuh offers 1 MP, avoiding additional exos or Dragoturkeys. The Glyph Rapier is a very good sword in terms of its characteristics. At last, the Gloursonne Alliance is a magnificent ring for its resistances and range.

The links

Gelano Gresilring Danathor’s Amulet K’Tueuh Staff Gresiloboots Shield Shushkebab Gresilocloak Danathor’s Belt Danathor’s Headdress Examiner Dofus Turquoise Major Teaser Major Paralyzer Dofushu Ice Dofus Kwaltess

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Level 200

As for the other levels, opt for a stuff to suit your budget. Adopt at least one of each category (Damage, Ret or Survival, 12/5) to be most effective. Moreover, with a small starting sum, it is also quite possible to evolve as you go. Start with a set of lowcost gear, do some quests, add items, and get over time objects to make variations. As a player without too much income, do not resell your stuff! They can serve you later, or in variations.


Here you can find sets with several possibilities to adapt according to your desires for removal or damage. Nothing prevents you from adding exos, removing them, replacing an AP item, etc. Again, don’t rely on one set to win every fight and build your own library of items.

The links

Ouroboulos Ring Gloursonne Alliance Danathor’s Amulet Scepter of King Allister Ouroboulos Boots Faceguard Shield Ouroboulos Cloak Danathor’s Belt Danathor’s Headdress Traveler Turquoise Dofus Crimson Dofus Major Paralyzer Ocher Dofus Kanigwolf Ice Dofus

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