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the Rogue Air on Dofus Touch benefits from a fairly complete spell kit. This guide will help you choose your Roub Air stuff according to your level. If you want to change classes, you’ll find everything you need on our comprehensive Dofus Touch classes guide.

Last update: May 2022

Guide to properly stuff his Rogue Air on Dofus Touch

Don’t forget that, if you are subscribed with an Elite Pack, you can reset your statistics between each fight. Tailor your stats to your stuff and your goal, always prioritizingAgilitythen Vitality.

Like others, the Rogue has the same levels as the PC version of Dofus. The Fire, Air and Water paths are open to him, depending on your needs and desires.

1 for 1 1 for 2 1 for 3 1 for 4
Vitality 0 to ∞
Wisdom 0 to ∞
Strength 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
Intelligence 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
Chance 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
Agility 0 to 100 100 to 200 200 to 300 300 to ∞
From 0 to 100 Strength, 1 characteristic point costs 1 point. Between 100 and 200 Strength, 1 characteristic point costs 2 points, etc.

To play Rogue Air on DOFUS Touch, you are therefore advised to mount up to 300 points in Agility. Then, adapt your statistics by increasing your Vitality, for example.

Regarding spells, some will be up to level 6 as soon as possible.

Main spells (level 6)
Detonator – Boot – Tornabomb – Magnetization – Daggers Boomerang – Entourloupe – Remission – Espingole – Last Breath – Countdown – Overload – Kaboom – Boobybot

Secondary spells
Liberation – Flamiche – Cawwot – Explobombe – Cunning – Water Bomb – Powder

If you don’t play Dofus Touchthis guide also exists for Dofus and Dofus Retro.


With update 1.54 at the beginning of 2022, the bonuses for sets and items 1 to 200 have been improved. Thus, several items have become much more important and interesting for your stuff.

Level 20

Green Piwi Ring Rocky Mountain Ring Green Piwi Amulet Green Piwi Amulet Green Piwi Sandals Tourist Agency Shield Green Piwi Cloak Green Piwi Belt Green Piwi Hat Dofawa

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Level 40

Araknoton Tofu Ring Kam Assutra Amulet Carnivorous Staff Tofu Slippers Tourist Agency Shield Crazy Tofu Cloak Araknoture Toady Dofawa

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Level 60

Gelano Coco Blopring Aerdala Amulet Carnivore Staff Aerdala Geta Shore Shield Crazy Tofu Cloak Yellow Turtle Belt Toady Cawwot Dofus Examiner Minor Air Reaver Minor Acrobat Minor Obstruction Minor Air Destroyer Plum and Ebony Dragoturkey

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Level 80

Royal Coco Blop Ring Gelano Royal Coco Amublop Carnivore Staff Royal Coco Bloptes Pandawa Shield Crazy Tofu Cloak Powerful Dazzling Belt Toady Cawwot Dofus Examiner Minor Air Rampager Minor Acrobat Minor Obstruction Minor Air Destroyer Plum and Ebony Dragoturkey

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Level 100

Gelano White Rat Gauntlet White Rat Necklace Chakra Style White Rat Boots Swine White Rat Cloak White Rat Belt White Rat Headdress Cawwot Dofus Examiner Voyager Turbulent Equilibrist Rampager Air Dragoturkey Plum and Ebony

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Level 130

Gelano Ring Moutheur The Leaf of Spring Chakra Style Treeraker wooden ankle boots Hogkeeper Cloak of the Crakillian Guardian Clear Treeraker belt Mask of the treeraker clear Equilibrist Examiner Traveler Rampager Turbulent Air Dragoturkey dragoturkey Plum and Ebony

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Level 160

Willkillsano Gelano The Leaf of Spring Ax of Warrior Zoth Boots of Will Killson Swine Crokant’s Cloak Crokanture Crokante’s Headdress Examiner Major Equilibrist Voyager Major Hinder Turbulent Major Acrobat Dragoturkey Plum and Ebony

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Stuffs for an Air THL Rogue on Dofus

Iconic for its gameplay apart from the other classes of Dofus, and Touch by extension, the Rogue is not turnkey. You’re going to have a hard time riding it and mastering it. However, the payoff trumps all others, with one of the best offensive potentials in the game. Paired with a Pandawa, the Roub rolls over PvM, with occasional exceptions. But will you get there?

Level 190

For this installment, the Air route is equipped with very good outfits. You can find the Padgraf (DoCrit, Scope), theAllister (better pano Air 199-200) and the Klimefurther back but very useful to complete certain stuff.

To continue this great momentum, you have the perfect Rasboular Belt, with PO, critical, resistances and agility. Last junction, l’Epee Nice. It allows you to do a little more original stuff by giving 1 MP and allowing more freedom. Finally, theAlliance Gloursonne is a magnificent ring for its resistances and range.

The links

Ring of Allister Gelano Pendant Oton Dagoulinantes Allister Boots Air Dial Klime’s Cape Klime’s Belt Turbulent Allister’s Crown Turquoise Dofus Traveler Major Equilibrist Purple Dofus Major Air Reaver Kwaltess

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Level 200

As for the other levels, opt for a stuff to suit your budget. Adopt at least one of each category (Damage, Ret or Survival, 12/5) to be most effective. Moreover, with a small starting sum, it is also quite possible to evolve as you go. Start with a set of lowcost gear, do some quests, add items, and get over time objects to make variations. As a player without too much income, do not resell your stuff! They can serve you later, or in variations.


Here you can find sets with several possibilities to adapt according to your desires for removal or damage. Nothing prevents you from adding exos, removing them, replacing an AP item, etc. Again, don’t rely on one set to win every fight and build your own library of items.

The links

Allister’s Ring Ava Taroun’s False Claw Ava Taroun’s Necklace Granduk’s Sword Allister’s Boots Transporter’s Shield Ava Taroun’s Cloak Klime’s Belt Allister’s Crown Ocher Dofus Ice Voyager Dofus Turquoise Dofus Purple Dofus Equilibrist Major Dragoturkey Plum and Ebony

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