Dofus maintenance – How to check the Server status

Dofus will sometimes be in maintenance to deploy an update and we will therefore tell you how to know the status of the game’s servers.

Dofus is a game released for quite a few years and the title continues to update to make changes, but also to fix bugs.

In order to be able to deploy these updates, developers will usually take the servers offline to do maintenance and so we will tell you how to know a maintenance is in progress.

How do I know if maintenance is in progress on Dofus?

If you want to know if maintenance is in progress, there are three methods. The first is the official Dofus Twitter account (source) which always keeps players informed when maintenance is in progress whether scheduled or unscheduled. Another method is to go on the Dofus forums on the Ankama Games website and consult the section dedicated to information and announcements, and more specifically on the state of the servers (source). On this page you can find information on ongoing maintenance, but also on future updates of the game. As for the last method, you just have to go to the page dedicated to the state of the servers on the Dofus website available below.

>>> State of Dofus servers <<<

If no information is given on the Twitter account, on the page dedicated to the state of the servers or on the forums, you can write to Ankama Games support (source) to report your connection problems.