Dofus dissonance dance, how to fix the bug?

Dofus allows players to complete a quest called “The Dance of Dissonance”, but it is sometimes bugged. We tell you how to fix the problem.

Dofus since its release allows players to launch and complete many quests in order to obtain various rewards such as weapons, armor, consumables and of course kamas.

It will sometimes happen that certain players encounter problems during certain quests, one of which affects ” The dance of dissonance “. Some of the issues related to this mission have been fixed as announced by the developers in a previous patch, but some players are reporting an infinite repop of enemies.

How to fix the infinite repop bug during the quest “The dance of dissonance” in Dofus?

If you want to know how fix the problem of infinite spawn of enemies during this quest, well for now, there is no solution yet. It will therefore be necessary wait for Ankama to release a patch in order to resolve this concern which seems to affect some players (source). It is to highlight that the developers have already fixed a bug concerning the quest “The dance of dissonance” with the release of update 2.62.1 (source) released on Tuesday, December 7. This issue concerned the fact that some players had to defeat the Builder Crackler twice to advance in the resolution of the objective “Awaken the Douziens”.

Finally, if you want to know how to complete the quest “The dance of dissonance”, you can consult the solution offered on the site Dofuspourlesnoobs (source) which details all the steps.