Disco Elysium devs admit that the Final Cut for the Playstation turned out to be Problematic and another Major Patch is being prepared

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut was supposed to be the best version of the game, but something went wrong: the new edition has a lot of fresh bugs (some of them are critical), and on the PlayStation, everything is multiplied due to the clubfoot control from the gamepad. On the Disco Elysium subreddit, there was even a dedicated “megathred” describing the key errors of The Final Cut.

For example, PlayStation users are unable to grab some important plot items or interact with individual characters and objects to complete a quest. Sometimes things disappear, saves get damaged, or the pause menu does not appear. The gamepad controls are basically bad: for example, in the release version of The Final Cut, sometimes you had to press the interaction button several times for this interaction to happen.

Studio ZA/UM has already released one patch for The Final Cut, but it did not heal all the main sores. The developers admitted their guilt: 

You should blame us. Because it’s really our fault. We are just people with big dreams, and it is not always possible to make those dreams come true the way we wanted. But we still try – and we will try again and again until we succeed. It will turn out right.

ZA/UM has assured that it is already preparing patch 1.3, but when it will be released, it remains to be seen.

Here are changes that the new patch will bring into the game:

  • Lots of bug fixes in dubbing.
  • Improved pathfinding for Kim.
  • Corrections in control from the controller while sleeping in the Sea Fort.
  • Corrections in control from the controller during the quest with the Trash Can.
  • Fixed interaction with the sand castle.
  • Correction of interaction with the machine.
  • Bug fix that caused the swing tide to be permanent.
  • Correction of an error when restoring health in a pawnshop.
  • Fix for freezing in the locker of thoughts.
  • Fixed bugs with saves.
  • Fixed bugs when cutscenes freeze when playing from a controller or difficulties arise when interacting with objects at the edges of the screen.