Disciples: Liberation – Last impressions before the release in DevDiary

Disciples: Liberation - Last impressions before the release in DevDiary

One week before the release of Disciples: Liberation today there are last impressions from the Dark Fantasy strategy RPG by developer Frima.

In it, Studio Creative Director Louis Lamarche introduces Avyanna’s adversary Katanira, the leader of the veil, as well as a first look into the “Queen’s Nest”. In addition, players learn more about one of the total of 9 companions: Bagthal, held captive and enslaved by demons, he stands against Bethrezen and his oppressors and fights against slavery in Nevendaar at Avyanna’s side.

Disciples: Liberation leads the player into a detailed, dark fantasy world in which you have to gather alliances, romances and comrades behind you. Every decision has its consequences and influences the political climate. A choice made can trigger a fatal domino effect that irrevocably changes the individual story of the player.

Before you lies a vast and devastated world with innumerable secrets, hidden treasures and a bloody past waiting to be discovered by you. In addition, over 80 hours of game time are promised, in which you have to face the ultimate challenge and fight for victory in online battles for 2 players.

Disciples: Liberation will be released on October 21st and can be pre-ordered now.