Disciples Liberation: Developer Diary provides character details and more

Disciples Liberation: Developer Diary provides character details and more

“Disciples: Liberation” is out next week.

In the coming week, the developers at Prima Studios will be releasing the dark RPG adventure “Disciples: Liberation” for consoles and PC.

Shortly before the fantasy title was released, a fresh developer diary for “Disciples: Liberation” was made available, in which the makers of Prima Studios go into their new project in more detail. Among other things, you can look forward to fresh information about one of the nine companions: Bagthal, who was enslaved or held captive by demons and now turns against his former tormentors.

Promised more than 80 hours of playtime

Avyanna’s adversary Katanira and the area called “Queen’s Nest” are also discussed in more detail. “Disciples: Liberation” will be released on October 21, 2021 for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. According to the developer, an extensive campaign with more than 270 quests and over 80 hours of game time is offered. The dark role-playing game should score points above all with its strategic fights.

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To find your place in the world, you choose from one of four character classes and numerous allies. “Recruit more than 50 units and assemble an army that perfectly suits your play style. Master the use of steel and magic in complex, turn-based battles, ”the official continues.

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