Dice Legacy – Corrupted Fates DLC (Nintendo Switch) – The test

A little over 6 months after the release of Dice Legacy, Corrupted Fates arrives and brings out our dice. So have we been conquered? Well, bring out your luck and your best dice, here we go again for Dice Legacy!

Not easy to go back

Dice Legacy had rather won us over in terms of gameplay, we were a little disappointed at the time by the content that was too quickly redundant. Corrupted Fates, this first DLC, adds content: a new die:

The Cultist, eleven new technologies, twelve new laws, seven new memories and 6 new buildings and finally a new leader: The Pastor.

Inevitably everything will provide new parts in perspective, it will take several parts and a little time to master the new additions around the cultists. The sacrifice of dice to have resources, to generate knowledge by corrupting your dice or to appease your people. Because yes, there is with all this a whole new game mode: Ruin.

The ruin

Ruin, the new game mode available in Dice Legacy, we assume that you have to have already finished the game once to access it (it would be illogical otherwise), because in Ruin mode we play the “bad guys”. Why these quotes? Because this mode calls many things into question. Where in Dice Legacy we had the impression of playing the good guys, ultimately this is not really the case. In Ruin, we suddenly play the other side, those who were already present on these lands. And we have to survive in order to build a boat to escape before these invaders take control of the place.

The game therefore starts on the North face, we will have to last 500 days, the game will end earlier if the distrust of the council reaches 100%, so we have to play a little on all fronts. We can also send citizens on suicide missions to the invaders, where in the basic game, we complained to see them land and we wondered why he came to bother us.


Corrupted Fates is a good DLC, it adds content, new mechanics and an interesting story twist. However, it won’t get you stuck in 10 hours either, it adds a bit of content to a game that was sorely lacking. If you liked Dice Legacy you’ll be happy to dive back into it, but if not… read the Dice Legacy review first to find out if the base game is right for you. Corrupted Fates will not correct any of the problems of the base game, its chaotic handling, its somewhat fuzzy side, being so linked to the randomness of the dice.