Diablo III was initially supposed to be a mixture of action RPG and MMO

diablo 3 was supposed to be rpg + mmo

The former president of Blizzard North, a programmer and game designer David Brevik spoke on his Twitter about the Diablo franchise for unrealized projects that he was involved in the early 2000s – the second expansion for Diablo II, as well as the original concept for the third part of the series.

According to the developer, the extension was never launched into production, but he managed to work out the main ideas, mechanics and plot.

The game designer did not go into details, noting that he remembers only one class that he wanted to introduce in the extension – the cleric. He did not disclose other information about the project, since the rights to it still belong to Blizzard, but hinted that the add-on design document was still kept by him.

Plans for new content for the game were completely abandoned sometime in 2002. Part of the reason was the departure of many developers from Blizzard North. During this period, three dozen key employees left the studio, many of whom founded their own companies, including Castaway Entertainment and Flagship Studios, where Brevik worked.

As for the Diablo triquel, according to Brevik, it was a game that didn’t look too much like the previous installments. Apparently, the gameplay was going to be significantly reworked, and the emphasis should be on multiplayer elements, but in what form is not completely clear.

It would be very different from any other Diablo. I think the idea was really interesting. We used many of the ideas in terms of game structure in Marvel Heroes. It was a mixture of action RPG and MMO. Moreover, MMO in terms of the number of people playing at the same time, not like in World of Warcraft.

David Brevik

Several netizens asked Brevik if what he currently knows about Diablo IV reminds him of the ARPG / MMO mix. The developer only answered the question with a meme.

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