Destiny 2 Traveler’s size compared to Earth

destiny 2 traveler size compared to earth

When destroying hundreds of mobs, completing raids or completing Iron Banner missions, you can forget that the Traveler is still hanging over the only city in  Destiny 2 – a strange unusual sphere. In the game and in the arts, it may seem that it is very large, but in fact, it is not.

Twitter user Drexis Animations presented a video in which he compared the dimensions of the Traveler, one of the flying Pyramids and the Earth. It turned out that the mysterious sphere is very small compared to our planet.

As we can see from the below video that the diameter of the Traveler is a whopping 14000 meters. Yes, it might can summon an entire small city but it is merely 0.11% of Earth’s diameter.

In another tweet following a picture of what seems just a picture of the Earth, he explains that the Traveler is not removed from picture. The Traveler is very small compared to the Earth and just stands 2 pixel wide and 2 pixel in height which is only visible after we zoom into it.

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